"Wenge" -- These colorful woods make dramatic accents, edgings and inlays.Please see our chart below before ordering lumber by the square foot.

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Details about Wenge:  Let the Lumber Calculator do the math for you.   Calculate your quantity to add to the quantity box in the order form.Number of Pieces:  Width: Inches Length: Inches Order QuantityThis calculation takes into account the 1/10th pricing illustrated below and has done the math for you. All you need to do is place the calculated value into the quantity box in the order form. Square Foot Definition: A surface area equaling 144 total square inches. (For ordering this lumber a square foot will not mean a 12" W x 12" L piece, because 12" widths are not available.) Sold by 1/10th of a Square Foot. Priced 1/10th of a Square Foot and sold in random dimensions of 3'' to 6'' width and 24''-60'' length. You will be asked for the total number of pieces and the widths and lengths you would like when you add the item to your basket. Orders in specific widths and lengths are filled based on availability. Definition of 1/10th of a Square Foot: Definition of 1/10th of a Square Foot. Many times projects will only require fractional portions of square feet. For this reason we sell this lumber in increments of 1/10th's of square feet. 1/10th square foot equals 14.4 square inches. Imagine a piece 1" W x 14.4" L... or a piece 2" W x 7.2" L, both these pieces would equal 1/10th of a square foot.See examples below. Square Foot Ordering ExamplesSquare Foot Order Quantity For Order Form110 1.5 153.3 33440 550 Example: 5 Square Foot of material is 50/10ths, and 50 goes into quantity box Lumber surfaced top and bottom with at least one straight edge and guaranteed to be clear and free of defects on one side. Occasionally the second side will have minimal imperfections.

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Name: Wenge
Main category: Lumber and Veneers

This Wenge product is carried by Rockler, "the woodworking superstore." They're a family-run store for woodworkers, established in 1954, with the tools, wood, and materials to help your completed project be a source of pride to you and your family.

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