Hand-Applied Finishes

"Hand-Applied Finishes" -- A well-applied finish can add the crowning touch to any piece of furniture

Hand-Applied Finishes
Hand-Applied Finishes
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Details about Hand-Applied Finishes:  by Jeff Jewitt A well-applied finish can add the crowning touch to any piece of furniture, yet finishing is a skill that many woodworkers find difficult to master. Most people erroneously assume that flawless finishes have to be sprayed on or that there's some trick to achieving perfect results. The truth is that superb finishes have been produced for years using simple tools like brushes and pads. This book takes you through the steps necessary to apply finishing materials by hand, detailing each process, the materials used, and the correct technique.You'll learn how to set up a safe and suitable working environment, how to prepare the surface of the wood for finishing, and how to choose the right stain to color the wood. At the core of the book are step-by-step techniques for six classic hand-applied finishes: shellac (including French polishing), oil, varnish, lacquer, water-based finish, and milk paint. Each technique is clearly and concisely explained, with many sharp photos and detailed drawings to accompany the text.Whatever your skill level, this book will serve as the ultimate reference manual for protecting and beautifying furniture with finishes applied by hand. Winner of the 1998 Stanley Award for Best How-To Book!

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Name: Hand-Applied Finishes
Main category: Finishing

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