Making Plywood Drawers

"Making Plywood Drawers" -- Fully covers making plywood drawers.

Making Plywood Drawers
Making Plywood Drawers
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Details about Making Plywood Drawers:  If you can build a case for your drawers then you can build drawers -- they’re both box-building exercises. But, what kind of drawers should you build -- which joinery and what kind of mounting in the case? Gary Rogowski, noted furniture maker and teacher of woodworking in Portland, Oregon, shows you how to think and build your way through this problem. You’ll learn how to assemble plywood drawers (utility drawers for the shop and better-quality kitchen-cabinet-type drawers) made with: simple rabbet joints on the table-saw or router dado-rabbet joints "drawer-lock” joints on the router and mounted: with the "bottom-runner" method with center-glides in face-frame cabinets with side-mounted mechanical drawer glides

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Name: Making Plywood Drawers
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